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“A Princess Broken” made me uncomfortable, but I hardly fault the novel. If anything, I am grateful for the discomfort.

In a world where faith is under fire, the discussion of religion has become taboo, and I hadn’t realize the effect that taboo had on me until I read Misty Gatlin’s book. Never once did I disagree with the things that Kate was trying to teach Sarah through an open discussion of her faith, and yet, I still squirmed—mentally and physically.
A princess broken
I discovered something about myself by simply questioning why I felt that way, and after some reflection on the novel, I realized it was all me. “A Princess Broken” only reminded me that my experiences in life had made me leery about openly discussing religion, and the fact that I almost stopped reading—although I never actually had a problem with the ideas being discussed—signified how thick of a wall I had put up when it came to the subject of faith.

I’m glad I didn’t stop reading, because only when you reach the end do you realize how truly powerful Gatlin’s novel is.

From the first page to the last, you are discovering. That discovery doesn’t necessarily have to be something about yourself, as I realized; it also can be the discovery of Kate and Sarah’s connection and how the pieces of their lives fit together. It can be the discovery and realization that people don’t always see the bigger picture, the why behind the event; it can be the discovery that how we perceive something can alter our entire life; and it can be the discovery that our perceptions are not always correct, that life is not always black and white.

And like life, “A Princess Broken” isn’t your typical black-and-white story, but instead a beautiful mosaic that shouldn’t be missed.

About ‘A Princess Broken’

Description from Goodreads: Sarah defines herself as many things: broken, damaged, addicted, and hopeless. Hurt at an early age by someone dear to her, she retaliates by living a life filled with destruction. Her past has finally caught up with her, and she’s ready to call it quits. Her story unfolds when she meets a compassionate stranger who helps her realize past decisions don’t define who she is, and what she thought was the end of her story is only the beginning. A life-changing decision is placed in front of her, and she’s forced to face it head on. What will she choose and where will that path lead her?

About Misty Gatlin

Misty Gatlin is a writer and keynote speaker at events for various churches and organizations. She has worked with teen and college-aged girls for 12 years. Her passion is to teach young ladies to have confidence in their own identity in Christ. Misty and her husband, Eric, have been married for 11 years and have two wonderful children. You can learn more about Misty, her books, her speaking, read her blog, and find more about the blog tour at

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