What’s on the bookshelf: The Looking Glass Wars

I cannot say I’ve ever been a fan of Alice in Wonderland. Not the books by Lewis Carroll, not the Disney animated film, not Syfy’s miniseries, not the latest movie with Johnny Depp (and who doesn’t like Johnny?). I’ve had an aversion to anything to do with Wonderland my entire life. I cannot explain it; it’s just not my cup of tea.

It is for these reasons that I’ve avoided The Looking Glass Wars, Seeing Redd and Arch Enemy, also known as Frank Beddor’s Looking Glass Wars trilogy. My friends recommended them, and still I shunned them. At least until recently when I decided I’d give them a try. And if I didn’t like them, well, that’s the great thing about library cards, I’m not out anything but time.

Thankfully, I wasn’t out even that, because I finally found a Wonderland series that I didn’t hate.

Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t really care for the tone of the novel. It reminded me of how you would speak to a child, and the reason I can forgive that is, because the novels are meant for children. Overall, though, I liked more than I disliked. They were fast paced. I easily breezed through them, and the action held my attention so they didn’t feel like a chore to read. I absolutely adored Hatter, Molly, Bibwit, and Dodge, and I liked that the books weren’t all about Alyss. Her character felt docile and 2D to me, but the rest were colorful and lifelike. They made the books for me and were why I kept reading.

Beddor’s series puts the Wonder in Wonderland. I’m glad I finally read them.

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