Poetry: Lucky One

I do a lot of reading to help settle my mind at night (swing-shifter/insomniac and all). I was reading the work of someone I believe is a very talented writer and her portrayal of a character in one of her stories — a portrayal that has given the character so much life and humanity. The thing about this character though is that she lives a tragic life, never feels wanted, believes that the world is hopeless. This, of course, got me thinking about imperfect things, imperfect people and this imperfect world, and how truly ‘perfect’ it can be if we have a little faith and show a little love. So, this one is for ‘Sassybratt’ for her beautiful writing that made me think, and for Jean, who always knows just what to say. — Dani


Lucky One

Though I close my eyes,
I can’t find sleep;
Drowning in tears,
I’m in too deep;
Imperfect thing,
In an imperfect world;
Aren’t I the lucky one?

If I had one wish,
I’d leave this place;
Escape these memories,
That time won’t erase;
Dark deeds haunt me,
Wear against the grain;
Aren’t I the lucky one?

Falling on my knees
I can only pray;
For the comforting of his arms,
For his gentle embrace;
Like a lost, lonely child,
He guides me to rest;
I am the lucky one.

By H. Danielle Crabtree