What’s on the Bookshelf: “Black Creek Burning”

With a mother who loves Agatha Christie and mysteries, I grew up seeing through the drama and searching for the truth among the clues. I love great storytelling, but even still, an author very rarely surprises me. When she does, I have to give her credit.

I thought I had “Black Creek Burning,” the debut novel by author R.T. Wolfe, all figured out thirty pages in. As a romantic, I excused the fact that I predicted the ending and relished in the romance of Wolfe’s multifaceted characters. Brie, Nathan, Andy, and Duncan feel as real as any people you’d meet on the street, and the strength of Wolfe’s characters continues even with the secondary cast. Great characters always keep me interested, so I settled in for the ride.

Nathan is a dedicated uncle-turned-father when he takes custody of his orphaned nephews and moves to upstate New York. Brie has her own past trauma to deal with, but otherwise rolls through the good and bad in her life like it’s nothing. She is rock solid, icy even, and it is great watching her character change as she slowly warms up to Nathan and his boys.

What really made this book for me is when Wolfe drops a new clue near the end of the book and proves my villain theory wrong. To say that I didn’t see the end coming is an understatement and that immediately earns this reader’s admiration. It just goes to show that you can’t always trust the people you know best.

“Black Creek Burning” will be released Monday, Sept. 24, in e-book formats. Get a copy and discover the twist for yourself that sets this romance book on fire.

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