What’s on the Bookshelf: On Raven’s Wings

“On Raven’s Wings” by Isobel Lucas is the first in a series of five novelettes, and I’ve had my eyes on this series since Lucas announced it was coming a few months ago.

The combination of Catholic school girl meets good-looking guy meets rock ‘n’ roll typically means a level of sass that is right up my alley, and Lucas doesn’t disappoint me there. However, what I didn’t realize was that these novelettes come with some mythos too that take this series from the realm of contemporary new adult romance right into the realm of a rockin’ urban fantasy.

Lucas is a great storyteller, and I think my only complaint about “On Raven’s Wings” is that the last third of the novelette felt rushed compared to the smooth flow of the first two-thirds. Regardless, she left me wanting more and this is a series I’ll definitely keep reading.

Books in the Hell Bent Heaven Sent series will be released every two weeks, and they are recommended for ages 17 and older.

Book two, “Signs and Portents,” was released Oct. 31.

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