Cover Reveal: Flower of Isbelline

Check out the cover for “The Flower of Isbelline,” book two in the Queen of the Realm of Faerie series by Heidi Garrett. The second installment of Garrett’s fantasy series will be released on Dec. 18 in ebook formats, and this is one fairy tale you don’t want to miss!

About the book

The half-faerie Melia is determined to save her sister from a false marriage and their world from a dark power. But her sister is determined to pursue their father’s dark legacy, and the cost of denying true love will be apocalyptic.

Missed the first book?

“Nandana’s Mark,” the first book in the series is available in Kindle, Nook and via iTunes. Check it out.

About “Nandana’s Mark”: Dark visions haunt the half-faerie Melia, but try as she might, she cannot chase away the images of destruction that are linked to her father’s ambitions. Looking for a way to stop him and the visions, she visits the Illustrator and is given a strange mark meant to bring her help. Before it arrives, a tragic accident occurs and a family’s dark legacy is revealed.


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