What’s on the bookshelf: Delayed reaction

Having spent the better part of a week (and then some) sick, I still feel as if I were stuck in December 2012, but when I look at the calendar, I am reminded that it is 2013. And with the new year comes new things.

Here are some updates:

— If you missed the announcement, the winner of the December giveaway for indie authors was Stefanie M. Congratulations to her, and thank you to all the authors who shared, tweeted, entered, comment, etc. I always enjoy making new connections. It’s a great way to end the year and start the next one.

— So, you may have noticed my website is a bit different. I’ve wanted to revamp it for awhile now and have finally decided to take that plunge. Please be patient while I’m transitioning everything. I’m a week behind on freelance projects because of the illness, so I’m updating a few areas in pieces. I should have some of the broken links and pages updated by the end of the month.

— I’m in the home stretch for my time in Oregon and will be returning to San Diego in mid-February. I’m looking forward to going home and not having to split my attention between the newspaper and my freelance projects. It will mean a return to better turnaround times and a bit more flexibility in working projects in on short notice. In addition, I’ll be expanding my freelance business in several areas, but I’ll make a specific announcement as to the changes in late February. I’m not launching or changing anything until I return home.

— Right now, I’m not accepting review requests. I noted a few months ago that I would reassess this at New Year and I still have a few projects to read for authors. So, I’m going to keep the requests closed until those are completed.

— Finally, thank you to all my clients for a great 2012. You have no idea how much working with you has meant to me. I’m looking forward to a great 2013 publishing year!