Writing Exercises to Free My Mind

Again, first person snippets meant to help me open my mind a bit in my original writing. (Nothing to do with me personally). –Dani


It was strange to wake up from that dream after so many years of nothing. Seeing his blue eyes that held the warmth of a tropical sea made me want to melt into the sands on the shore so that I could feel his warmth wash over me. He was a part of my past, and I had so much to look forward to that I could not let this little piece of history pop up and ruin everything. I had worked hard to forget him, what we had, and I had moved on — or so I hoped. Clearly, I had not let go enough to escape his effects, or the doubts I thought I had put to rest — even if it was only a dream.

I sighed.

I was on the eve of blissful happiness, and he had to come back to haunt my dreams and make me question whether I could go through with it. What if I was wrong and my future had always been with the love of my past? What if I was settling? No, that was unfair. Love is one of the greatest truths, and I loved deeply — family, friends, the man who had given me this ring, and the man that had shattered my heart. I loved him still; love wasn’t always enough, though, when on the quest to find that one person who complemented your soul.

— H. Danielle Crabtree