Writing Exercises to Free My Mind

I was in a bad mood, and so I took a darker approach in the first person POV with this character to also help me shed some of my negativity. I’m a spitfire when angry and apparently very scary. Writing helps release the troubles of life, no matter what character you’re writing. It’s part of my love affair with it.

Next POV toy:

Stubborn. I don’t know how many times that word had been used to describe me. I loathed it, but never so much as when the tone accompanying it was as scathing and harsh as the profane nouns that followed it. The words and tone together made my entire body burn like a flame, and that fire coursed my veins until not even the flexing of my hands could expel the energy. It compounded with every breath until that all too familiar tick would force a battle between my will and instincts. And my instincts said to strike; I wanted to let loose and let the object of my anger feel the full weight of my brick-wall personality carried out through my fist.

But one detail held me back.

There was only one thing that I hated more than someone calling me on my major personality flaw and that was a man who would dare hit a woman. So, with a growl, I backed down, kept my mouth shut — though I wanted to call her on her own more colorful personality traits and perhaps a few profanities as well — and headed for the gym as she continued to berate me for being a stubborn, inconsiderate jerk.

I slammed the door behind me and took a deep breath. One of the blue punching bags had my name on it, and I was going to beat it until the fire was out. Then, if I was lucky, I could face her again — this time with patience instead of stubborn resistance.

She was worth it.