Writing Exercises to Free My Mind

First Person POV:

The sky burned like fire, an orange glow that always reminded me of the night paradise fell. I grabbed her hand, pulling her through the pine forest at a faster pace. He was coming; it was the only thing it could mean. He had scorched the sky to destroy the night, relieving them of their veil. There was nowhere to hide now, not even in the dark, but still, all I could think to do was run and lead her away from what was coming. I could already hear the dogs with their masters, and the pounding horse hooves against the forest floor.

A fire flickered within, and I could feel the flames from my fingertips. I was loosing control in the midst of my fear, and it did not help that she was begging me to stop, pleading with me to tell her what was wrong. But how did you tell an angel that a demon sought her life? And how did you tell an angel that the demon was your kin? And how did you tell that same angel that at one point it was me who was supposed to end her in favor of another’s greed? I was no saint in this story, but I found myself loving her still.

–H. Danielle Crabtree