Poetry: Good Enough

Well, it isn’t Shakespeare, but it is my equivalent of screaming in frustration after the week I’ve had.

Good Enough

H. Danielle Crabtree

What about me isn’t good enough?
Is it the way I laugh, the way I cry?
The funny expressions I get on my face?
Is it that I dream of silly things?
Build castles in the sky and love to sing?
Is it that I love without remorse?
That I see the world for its worth?
Is it that I find beauty in the strange?
That I cherish the little things?
And live for each day?

What about me isn’t good enough?
I know my self worth
The things I regret
The flaws that make me human
The things I wish I could forget
The pain that burns raw like a flame
The things for which I am ashamed
I know the strength of my body and soul
Despite the pieces that will never be whole

What about me isn’t good enough?
Answer the question, I dare you to try
Because in the flaws there is beauty
There is a reason behind the why