Series Review: More to Perfection

DoubleHelixCoversMy favorite characters have always been flawed. Sometimes those flaws are physical, for the entire world to see; sometimes those flaws are emotional, hidden beneath the facade of a smile or behind good looks. They are never perfect humans, but they do become the perfect characters because those flaws make it easy to relate to them on a human level.

Enter Galahad, the perfect, bio-engineered human in Jade Kerrion’s Double Helix series. Where most are enamored of Galahad’s handsome face and fighting skills, it is Danyael Sabre and all his flaws that really kept me emotionally attached to this series.

Danyael is an alpha empath with the ability to heal or kill with one touch. He values life to the point that he often heals without any forethought to the consequences to himself. And yet, because no one can be sure of their emotions around him, he is often met with harshness, hatred and even abuse.

In stark contrast to his selflessness, if he drops his emotional shields, he could easily influence people into suicide, because he keeps all the pain, anger and negative emotions from years of abuse locked away behind them. This is the dark in Danyael’s light, and it is within the shadows of both that you find the true meaning of perfection—a perfection that “perfect” Galahad will never possess, even though he shares Danyael’s face.

Galahad is two dimensional. Everything pleasing about him comes from surface qualities, and the praise he has heard his entire life. In fact, even he gives the impression that he believes he is perfect, better than everyone else. His arrogance seems to be his flaw, but it is not a flaw so easily forgiven. If anything, his arrogance about his perfection makes him feel inhuman, and you have to wonder what kind of monstrosity truly lives behind such a beautiful face.

Hands down, Danyael wins the humanity award between the two, even if everyone around him cannot seem to get past Galahad’s beauty. After all, perfection is found in the flaws. One can only hope by the end of the series, Danyael’s friends will figure out that what sets him apart are the things worth having.

You can get to know Danyael and his “perfect” counterpart in “Perfection Unleashed,” “Perfect Betrayal” and “Perfect Weapon.” The fast pace of the books will pull you in, but I guarantee, Danyael will steal your heart.

About Jade Kerrion

Jade Kerrion, an award-winning author, got her start in fan fiction. She developed a loyal reader base with her fan fiction series based on the MMORPG Guild Wars. She was accused of keeping her readers up at night, distracting them from work, housework, homework, and (far worse), from actually playing Guild Wars. And then she wondered why just screw up the time management skills of gamers? Why not aspire to screw everyone else up too?JadeKerrion

So here she is, writing books that aspire to keep you from doing anything else useful with your time.

She lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with her wonderfully supportive husband and her two young sons, Saint and Angel, (no, those aren’t their real names, but they are like saints and angels, except when they’re not.)

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Perfect Betrayal: Amazon / Amazon UK / Apple iTunes / Barnes & Noble / Kobo / Smashwords / Sony

Perfect Weapon: Amazon / Amazon UK / Apple iTunes / Barnes & Noble / Kobo / Smashwords / Sony

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