Writing Exercises to Free My Mind

Another first person POV that I was playing with. I kind of like first POV the more I play with it, which astounds me. I’ve always been adamantly against writing in it, but it’s fantastic when exploring characters.

Here goes:

My body ached, screaming although my voice remained silent. It heeded the desires of my heart that were silenced by my willful mind. I dismissed the possibility that asking him to stay would take away the pain and make me once again feel whole. It was ludicrous for me to ask. He had made his choice, and I had made mine. Our roads split along time ago, and I had known for awhile that it was only a matter of time before the distance between us became as vast as the Grand Canyon. There was no bridge across, and I was not about to kamikaze off the rim to reach him.

It wasn’t until the door shut that the ache of my body overcame my will. I crumpled to the floor, rolling into a ball. I sobbed like a fool while I tried to remind myself why I had chosen this solitary fate. My pride. My anger. How easy they overshadowed and destroyed love when allowed to root and fester. They had burned me from the inside out, and I understood now why I hurt. Without love, without him, I was but a shell — not living, only existing in world once riddled with possibilities. Today, it held nothing for me but a dismal black maze that sought to keep me lost forever.

— H. Danielle Crabtree