The Write Kind of Life

I was told the other day that because I don’t write every day, I’m not a writer. Writers write every day.

In theory, writing every day sounds spectacular. I could sit at my laptop and put my daydreams on paper and publish them. However, the reality is that I have to work and I have to pay the bills. Even when I want to spend time writing, my wonderfully talented clients come first.

But that doesn’t make me any less of a writer. Words are my passion, my joy. They are the little things that I can indulge in every moment of every day, and still I would crave more. It just takes me a bit longer to get my work out there or finish projects–but I’m getting there. One step at a time.

On the advice of a friend, I recently decided to post a few things to Wattpad. One of the projects I’ve posted is Shelter from the Rain. I originally wrote it as a short story, but Shelter is, in truth, a passion project. I work on it when I need a break from my other project, because working on it clears my head of cobwebs. It reminds me why I love to write.

I know what you’re probably thinking. Why don’t you just write on Shelter, then? Because I’m just as passionate about all my projects. Sometimes I just need a detour to free my muse and remind myself why I live the write kind of life.

I may not get to write every day, but I love every moment that I do and I’m fairly certain that makes me a writer.

You can find my writing on Wattpad as well as here on my website.