The path of a storyteller

FirewolfcovercopyGrowing up in a single-parent household, sharing a book at bedtime with my mom only happened on rare occasions, but it didn’t mean that I went to bed without a story—I just created my own.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been telling myself bedtime stories to help me fall asleep. When I was little, my mind would take the characters from some of my favorite TV shows, and would expand on the latest episodes, diving deeper into character and storyline than the show did. Their conversations would whisper in my mind until I was carried off into dreams.

As I grew older, original characters started popping up in my mind while I’d be out for a walk or just before bed, when my mind was calm, and they would whisper their stories, again, until I was carried off into dreams.

Although I’ve always enjoyed writing for as long as I can remember, I never connected my whisperings to what they were—stories that need to be committed to page and shared with the world. That is, until a decade ago.

Even then, I’ve kept a large part of my bedtime stories tucked away, releasing no more than a short story here, or a poem there that conveys the emotions of the character I’m courting. But I’ve wanted to do more for awhile, especially the last five years, after I heard the voice of a character I’ve come to love. I know every detail of his life, every sorrow and heartache, every triumph and joy. But so far, he has only had a short story—the premise: a night that changed his life and the fate of four kingdoms.

Garrett’s voice can no longer be ignored.

His story will unfold in Fire Wolf, my debut novel.

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