What’s on the bookshelf: Proof that aliens exist

When I was a child, so young, in fact, I don’t remember, I was stung or bitten by something on my left leg. The critter left a scar─a small, round indentation in the muscle.

The funny thing about this scar is, for as long as I can remember, my older brother, family members, and friends have teased me about how it is proof that I’m an alien. I don’t remember how the joke started, but I do know it was always in relation to my love of science fiction, fantasy, and any other unseen realm not rooted in reality. I guess me being an alien was the only way they could explain my fascination.

And I don’t mind.

I’ve always loved other worlds and the creativity that comes out to play when constructing them. However, fantasy can be a tricky writing genre.

I wrote the first scenes for my upcoming novel Fire Wolf in 2008 and filled a notebook with notes on the characters, the restrictions of magic, and the history of the world. However, even with such detailed notes, I’ve found that the more I write on the novel, the more I realize a key point doesn’t work, or a magic restriction doesn’t make sense, and I’ve been forced to rethink a few aspects.

For these reasons, the landscape of my world has changed significantly from my first notes, but I really like how it is shaping up. Where once was a static excuse, there is now a colorful history and even cultural legends.

Sometimes it’s a pain to know that I’m going to have to rewrite a section, or to tweak something here or there for continuity, but it’s all part of developing a novel and taking readers to a new world.

I just hope you’ll enjoy my home planet as much as I do when I finally finish writing.