Writing Exercises to Free My Mind

First Person POV:

It was three in the morning, and I was awake — wide awake — staring out my front window at the incessant rain. The gentle cadence used to lull me to sleep as a child, but I no longer found comfort in the rain or the night. Too many evil things happened in the shadows, and I knew that my quarry was out there now slinking in the shadows. I knew what he wanted; I knew the strength of his impulses; and that he was one of the scariest sociopaths that I had ever had to profile.

I had barely slept since I took this case, and more often than not, I stood watching the darkness trying to out think someone who by definition was unpredictable. He was drawing me into his delusions, and I knew it was only a matter of time before my gift forced me to cross from the realm of sanity to illusion. He was breaking my mind the harder I tried to analyze him, and I knew the wisest choice would be to step away. But I couldn’t. He was the spider and I had become the fly. Unfortunately for the spider, this fly was about to destroy his web — I had found the loose thread.

— H. Danielle Crabtree