Fire Wolf Friday (teaser 1)

FirewolfcovercopyBecause I work as a full-time editor, most of the time my focus is on finishing projects for clients. However, I do set goals for my writing, though my time frame is longer than most indie authors. My current goal is working through the second draft of my young adult fantasy novel Fire Wolf (Fire & Reign), and as I prep for the book’s release in late Spring, I’ve decided to periodically post teasers from the book.

Here is the first. Please forgive any typos. I’m currently editing content and story, not for typos.


~ ~ ~

Fire Wolf (Fire & Reign)

“Let me go,” she ordered, stilling.

“You cannot be serious about this, Myah,” he chided. “Have you lost your senses? You can’t use your magic. It’s suicidal.”

She shoved him again, forcing him backward a step. Her eyes narrowed into a glare. “No more suicidal than the fool stunt we pulled today.”

She faked to the right, and when Skye dodged to block her, she slipped under his left arm. He grabbed her wrist three steps later, spinning her around. She used the momentum to land a kick to his shin. He cried out, reflexively reaching for his lower leg, and released her. She scurried down the alley.

“I’m not going to let you,” he said, catching up with her despite the slight hobble.

“Let me?” she demanded, turning on him. “Let me? You don’t let me do anything. Now either help me or get out of my way. I made a promise to Brea.”

Skye growled, “My,” drawing out her name. “Please, don’t do this.”

“What other option do I have? We failed.” Her words were but a whisper past the lump in her throat, and a trail of warmth rolled down her cold cheeks.

“Then let’s …” He tossed up his hands and swore under his breath, looking around the alleyway as if the solution would appear out of the mist.

She brushed at the stray tears with the back of her hand. “See, you don’t have a better solution either.”

“I’m thinking,” he asserted. Ridges creased his forehead as he muttered to himself, and the muscles around his mouth and jaw tensed.

Myah shook her head, her annoyance with him piquing. “She may not have time for your thinking.”

“My,” he bit out, fixing his angry gaze on her. “Shut up.”