Writing Exercises to Free My Mind

First person POV exercise:

Sometimes, it was as if I could feel the world spinning beneath my feet. The motion would make me queasy, like a carnival ride after a bad hot dog. I hated the feeling of unease, compounding to the point that I felt locked into the Earth’s will. And that’s when I would spin, with my arms extended until I moved faster than the chaotic, rotating world. In those moments, when my body became the axis, everything else felt as if it answered only to me. The power left me breathless; it brought joy to my heart as it took me back to the days when the sun seemed to rise and set for me, the time before deadlines, appointments and duty. And, for an instant, I reveled in that place before the nausea became an everyday ailment that made me lament becoming an adult.

— H. Danielle Crabtree