Writing Exercises to Free My Mind

I could feel his presence over the hum of the pounding music. It was a tingle, electricity, which coursed through my body, sending every hair up on in its end. I spun around, looking for the source of his unearthly aura. He stood across the room; his figure was obscured by the crowd dancing to the techno beat. Yet, his blue eyes were lamps within the darkness. They held me, controlled me, made me spin, and terrified me.

Power like this was a thing of myths. Electrifying, tangible connections were products of love stories and silly sonnets and songs. It had no place in real life, and I could not help the fear. It kept me from teetering over the edge of insanity. I could not allow this energy that always formed between us to send me cascading into oblivion. He was a friend, and he could only be a friend. But he held me like static, and I craved his shock like a junkie.

I could only imagine what it would be like if we ever actually touched.