What’s on the bookshelf: ‘Anathema’

I love to read and to lose myself into the alternate realities created by authors. I find it fascinating what others come up with and how they carefully craft the laws and reality of their fictional universe. Megg Jensen’s universe crafted in “Anathema” is yet another realm I had the pleasure of losing myself in.

“Anathema” is centered on a slave girl named Reychel, whose best friend, Ivy, disappears on the eve of Reychel’s fifteenth birthday and leaves her to face her branding ceremony alone – the day she officially becomes the property of her master. But by some miracle, she manages to escape with the help of a gifted woman and join Ivy in freedom. It is only away from her confinement as a slave that she realizes the truth about herself and the person closest to her.

I found Jensen’s book through the author of the last book I blogged about, Karly Kirkpatrick, and I’m very glad I chose “Anathema” as my next book to read.

As I noted in my last blog, I really dislike first person POV. I find too many pitfalls in it then in third person. However, “Anathema” was written in first person, but Jensen did it in such a way that I couldn’t find any downside in her use of it. All of the characters felt alive and well-rounded, and the details in which she has Reychel describe her world just make the words pop off the page like you’re watching a movie instead of reading the printed word. I think the only part that I felt that strength waned was during the climax, and I believe it was because of the heightened action and everything Reychel would have had to take in with so many characters surrounding her.

Even with that slight wane of her descriptions, I truly felt the story, the plot lines and the world Jensen has crafted was worth exploring more, and I sincerely hope she will further develop Reychel’s world and all the supporting characters in the second installment of The Cloud Prophet Trilogy. I see many splendid possibilities with this series and will definitely be keeping an eye on Megg Jensen.

“Anathema” (Cloud Prophet Trilogy) by Megg Jensen