Poetry: Grace

This one was actually written a few years ago, but it was one of my friend, Sally’s favorite poems. I think it’s one of mine, too. – Dani


Through my eyes I see but grace
The changing world; the changing face
Will we fall or shall we rise?
Questions lead to compromise

Lead me to a place of peace
Save me from this misery
Lift me up, guide my way
Keep me safe for one more day

Answers come, I beg for thee
Deep inside I’ll ne’er be free
Free to choose; free to fly
To take a chance on this thing called life

What becomes of those who fall?
Left behind, forgotten by all
Left to fend; forever alone
Except by those who follow you home

Home in heart, space and time
Time for peace within my mind
Traveling through this world alone
With one grace to call my own

By H. Danielle Crabtree