Poetry: Void

A little explanation: I wrote this for my little brother on what would have been his 18th birthday. I think anyone who has lost someone they loved can understand the emptiness death brings to the living — Dani

For Joshua


I have been out of touch from reality and life
Troubled by thoughts within my own mind
I cannot change the course that’s been
Only grieve for things what might have been

Eighteen years, you’d be today
Eighteen years since you went away
Eighteen years since you stole my heart
Eighteen years since it broke apart

You haunt my dreams in this desert-like place
Devoid of life, forgotten by grace
There is no relief from the pain I feel
There is no peace from what cannot be stilled

You’ve been gone so long but I still remember all
Your smile, your eyes, your strength and warmth
Your life feels like a glimpse in time
A treasured memory that’s defined my life

My love for you shall never die
Forever holding ’til the end of time
Until I find the place we will meet
In that strange journey in endless sleep

By H. Danielle Crabtree