Life or Something Like It: Lemonade

I’m having one of those days. You know the kind where you don’t get any sleep, it’s busy, you feel like the world doesn’t have a single intelligent person left, and then you have to work with no downtime to catch a nap so that you can make it through to midnight? Yes, my day is full of newspaper thief neighbors (no joke), frustrating people and lots of things that make me want to swear profusely and forget the manners my mother taught me.

Deep breath.

I guess the fortunate thing about today is that, now that I’m at work, I’m around the coworkers that actually make work-life enjoyable. And, it does make me sad to know that I’ll no longer have their fun, off-beat conversation to help turn around my day. But, I have them for two more weeks, and that counts for something. I guess it goes to show, though, that no matter how many lemons you start the day off with, you can always stop to make lemonade.

No matter how frustrated I get at times, I hope they know how much I appreciate them.