What’s on the bookshelf: ‘City of Fallen Angels’

I’ve been in love with Cassandra Clare’s writing since I picked up “City of Bones” several years ago. The world she has crafted is so intricate and meticulous, you feel as if it would take a lifetime to know all the stories and tales that serve as a back story for the lives of her characters. There is faith, love, laws that define an evolving culture and characters that draw you into their lives. No word is wasted; every moment has a purpose. And she always pulls it together in a beautiful climax.

When I picked up “City of Fallen Angels” when it was released, the posted reviews seemed almost disappointed in the Mortal Instruments’ fourth installment. So, I started reading it with diminished expectation. I always expect great things from Clare, but if the reviews were correct, I didn’t want to get my hopes up. When I finally finished the novel yesterday, I was glad to know that those early reviews were wrong.

“Angels” is definitely filled with much more emotion than the prior novels, but when you reach the end, you understand much of the teen angst Clare has woven into her tale. Love is one of the greatest emotions, but it is often said that love can lift up and it can also destroy. “Angels” has a climax that will have you shouting “no,” and saddened by the effect. But with two more novels following in the wake of “Angels,” I know that whatever new story arcs Clare has started with this ending will come together by the time she wraps “City of Heavenly Fire.”

My only regret is having to wait for books five and six when I want to read them now.