What’s on the Bookshelf: ‘Weaving Destiny’

There is one question on my mind after reading “Weaving Destiny” by G.P. Ching and it is: Why aren’t her novels N.Y. Times bestsellers?

There are no “why nots” on my list as I ponder her writing.

Her word crafting and stories flow with the same magic I’ve found in my favorite authors, who are bestsellers. I noticed her craftsmanship in the first novel of the series “The Soulkeepers.” And like in “Soulkeepers” as she tells Jacob’s story, the same can be said about Malini’s story of self-discovery in “Weaving Destiny. Her writing voice takes an other-worldly quality that makes you feel as if you’re in the story – the same I’ve found with Cassandra Clare or Cinda Williams Chima.

Her characters are also distinct and possess the human qualities that make readers love them. One of my favorite things from this book was Malini’s varying emotions. She’s uncertain, she’s afraid, she’s questioning her role with the Soulkeepers, and yet, she is strong, she is brave and she puts it all out there – no holding back despite that fear.

I also like that Ching’s characters are multicultural. Jacob is Caucasian and Chinese; Malini is Indian. So, not only do her characters struggle with wants and desires, Malini especially struggles with cultural expectations from her parents. Ching also weaves those cultural differences into Malini’s journey in the novel and I love the things she learns from her heritage. It gives the story a bit of spice.

Her plots are in engaging, surprising and there are no dull moments that make the reader want to toss it from boredom. Part of the reason for this is that the novel is fairly short. I’ve noticed a good number of YA ebooks are just around 200 pages – about half the length of the published tomes. But, she doesn’t waste a single page; there isn’t any filler or slow transitions. She does in 200 pages what other authors do in 400 pages – tells a complete story arc that is an engaging read.

Since there are no “why nots” for G.P. Ching’s Soulkeeper Series, it means a great number of people are missing out on an author who rivals the best and belongs on that coveted list.

Check out “Soulkeepers” and “Weaving Destiny” by G.P. Ching.
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