What’s on the Bookshelf: ‘The Initiate’

Books often hook me on the first words, but I have to say the last lines of Megg Jensen’s “The Initiate” gave me pause.


Although I will leave them for other readers to discover, they serve as true in real life as they do for the two series this short story bridges – The Swarm Trilogy and The Cloud Prophet Trilogy.

In the story, every ten years, ten girls are sacrificed in the hopes that the gods will choose a chosen one, but no one ever survives the trial by fire. Eloh, who does not believe in the gods, is one such initiate.

Her fate in this story is a blessing and a curse, and fans of Jensen will easily pick up the threads that connect it with her two series. However, even if you haven’t experienced her other books, “The Initiate” can easily stand alone. But, when you read it, you’ll definitely want to discover the affect this one event has on the rest of Jensen’s universe.