What’s on the Bookshelf: The New Gig

Some people might think that my choice to move on from journalism was spontaneous, when in fact it was a year of careful consideration and job hunting in San Diego before I ever moved. At the end of that year, in September of 2011, I made a choice to brave the unknown of unemployment and take a chance.

Four months later, I am still job hunting. I get a lot of feed back and have a lot of great interviews, but nothing has clicked in the traditional job front as of yet. Part of the reason is that I have always had a passion for journalism, but had reached a point where I felt burnt out. Because of it, I have felt directionless since I moved – knowing I have plenty of talent to share, but not necessarily sure where I fit. So, the fact that no job has clicked is probably for the best right now.

Then, I had an idea.

It started as a spark, a passing fancy. No way could I possibly try it. So, I put the idea on the back burner for a time, letting it simmer. It sat there brewing until one day I received an email from an author asking me for my help.

Now, I have only been acquainted with this author through her books, through Facebook, and through emails, but I have always enjoyed our interactions. I was surprised to receive her message, but when I read it, I remembered my idea that I had left to simmer.

So, here I am a month later setting myself up as a freelance editor for independent, self-publishing authors. It’s a move that feels right – a fitting match for the work I’m passionate about. Not only am I crafting a position for myself that feeds my addiction to words, but I also get to help authors who are carving out a corner of the publishing world for themselves. And that feels pretty great to me.

Check out the freelance editor page on my website, www.hedanicreations.net, for more information or email me at hdaniellecrabtree(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)gmail.com for full prices and details.

Oh, and I just wanted to thank Scott, who always supports me; Genevieve for helping me get my idea off the back burner; and Mark, for your reminder awhile back about how the right job would come around to fit my unique talents. Thanks, guys.