Poetry: Painted Scenes

I find it amazing how much people can change. I wrote this in 2007, in the midst of my frustrations of not moving on, and pursing the things I dreamed about. When I read this, it reminds me of where I have been, the choices I have made since writing this, and the place I am now. I can happily say now that my ‘painted scenes’ are no longer to hide my unhappiness, but instead found in the desert landscape of the American Southwest.


Painted Scenes

I’ve always sought to live in the shadows
To hide my dreams behind painted scenes
And cast away all that gives me trouble
As I feel unworthy to follow my dreams

Whispers from the darkness guide my hand
Taking me places I cannot understand
What fate awaits the one who falls?
A trip and stumble before resenting all

So much weight lies upon my back
Holding me down and I don’t fight back
One more reason, an excuse not to try
To become myself instead of these lies

These lies that lay upon my face
Like paint it hides my inner place
To dark to dwell, but still I hide
Afraid to find my place in life

By H. Danielle Crabtree