Writing Exercises – Defiant

Even as I remained defiant, my body began to shake. The trembling betrayed my fear. He stepped toward me, and I stepped back, keeping the space between us in the midst of this twisted dance. He twirled a knife in his hand, and I took another quick two steps away.

“You’re only delaying the inevitable,” his voice practically sang.

But, I didn’t see it that way. I was one step closer to the edge and one step closer to the river that awaited below. I’d rather take my chances with a force of nature than die at his hands. I waited for just the right moment, continuing our waltz with shaky steps. When he lunged, I jumped. For a moment, I felt as if I was flying before gravity grabbed me and dragged me down.

His angry curses followed my decent, ending abruptly when the river swallowed me whole.