Poetry: Untitled

I wrote the following two for my older brother, David. He, and Joshua, my younger brother, mean the world to me. When I was a little girl, David was my hero. (I don’t think I’ve ever told him that). I use to follow him everywhere, and always had to be two steps behind him. I loved playing sports, as long as it was with him; watching him play; and thus I blame him for my ‘tomboy’, rough-and-tumble personality. Over the years, though, we grew apart because of varying factors, and two years ago, my mother and I came close to losing him as well (we had already lost Joshua). I wrote this then, when my ‘superhero’ had long since fallen from grace. I’ve come to understand that no family is perfect … but doesn’t mean I love mine any less.


For David

Change isn’t easy
It’s the hardest thing to do
No matter the season
Change is good for you

But the things that need changing
Seldom follow through
And you find the old road
The one hurting you

You destroy the lives around you
Hurt the people you love
You teach your children values
In a cycle that should end in love

But faith alone can’t help you
A choice must be made
To leave this crazy place
And find your way to grace

There is no point in living
But to live for those you love
To change this world for the better
Instead of causing harm to all

Lift your eyes from darkness
And find your way home
Because our love alone can’t save you
The choice to change is yours


I feel the shadows closing in
Counting the days ’til fall
From the edge of grace
To the dark space
To the hell within us all

I see the darkness in your eyes
It scares me more and more
Void of life
In a forgotten place
In a soul that’s too far gone

Both poems by H. Danielle Crabtree