Poetry: Fireflies

I actually wrote this in February 2001. It was for my grandmother and actually based on a memory from when I was very little … four, I think. I just remember it was one of the first summers I spent in Ohio after I met my dad for the first time. My best memories from summers there and in Kentucky were always with my grandmother. I just wanted to write something that showed how much the little things she did with my brother and I stuck. This was also my first published poem, and one of the first I wrote. — Dani



We played in the park,
Chasing the fireflies,
Just as the sun went down.
Forever wondering,
But not far,
In search of a jarful of night-lights.
We dance in circles,
Trying to catch the light,
To fall down laughing,
In my grandmothers arms.
“Punch holes,” she says,
“For they need to breathe,
And you want their light to last.”
She tucks us in,
And turns out the lights,
But the darkness does not follow.
Because the fireflies dance,
In a jar of glass,
That sits upon the nightstand.

– H. Danielle Crabtree
Feb. 2001