Poetry: Lady Watcher

Explanation for this one: I love Scifi/Fantasy. I don’t remember exactly when I wrote this without going into my master file with the date tag, but I’m going to say about eight years ago … and that it’s early stuff.

Lady WatcherWhen the night is quiet and still
The Lady Watcher then appears
She travels the world
On a breath of wind
Protecting the children that lay within

In the place between dream and wake
Is where her spirit lives
A guardian of innocence
A huntress of evil
She protects all she can

She hears the whispers
The prayers for peace
From the mortals she protects
Always moving to keep ahead
Of the discourage, despair and loss

Her fight is eternal
Through the folds of time
But never will she cease
‘Til the world is forever at peace

–H. Danielle Crabtree