Freelance Editor

Because every great writer needs a great editor, H. Danielle Crabtree works as a freelance editor for independent authors looking for quality editing in the world of self-publishing.

All rates vary by project and are based on the author’s need and novel length. Services include manuscript analysis, line editing and proofreading.

Manuscript analysis: This is a macro edit, assessing the big picture of your novel. It should be done before any line editing or proofreading. It includes assessment of the plot, tension, characters, dialogue, and that all plot points are resolved. It’ll show you areas of weakness and strength, as well as provide ideas on how to tackle the problem areas.

Line editing: This is a micro edit, addressing errors in spelling, punctuation, word usage, grammar, and syntax.

Proofreading: This is a quick edit, looking for issues in formatting, spacing, type, size, font, etc. It addresses consistency and looks for flaws in the final document. This is not a line edit.

Please email her at hdaniellecrabtree (at) gmail (dot) com to discuss projects, rates for services or for more information. More information can also be found on the editing FAQs page.

All rates subject to change.

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