Freelance Editor FAQ

Q. What’s the wait?

A. I schedule on a first-come, first-serve basis, so it’s best to contact me beforehand to schedule dates that work best for your production/release cycle. Once I receive the manuscript, I ask for two weeks. However, depending on the length and life outside of editing, I usually have it back within a week.

Q. What’s your experience?

A. I have a professional journalism degree from the University of Oregon. I worked for seven years for two daily newspapers within the same company. I started out as a reporter and then moved into an editor position in the spring of 2008. I moved to San Diego in September of 2011 and started freelance editing. In addition, I’ve edited/critiqued for numerous writers since 2005 before making it my “dream job,” and I have experience with social media marketing and web content management. I specialize in American English.

Q. What’s your editing style?

A. I know a variety of writing styles—from basic English grammar to Chicago and AP. The most common styles are Chicago for novels and AP for magazines, newspapers, etc., or a combination of both. The dominate and preferred style I’ve noticed with indie authors is basic English grammar. However, I can easily accommodate authors who prefer Chicago style. I also assess the dominate style the author is using and make sure the style remains consistent throughout the manuscript for MS specific styles.

Q. How do you determine cost? How do I pay?

A. All prices are assessed based on the total word count of the document. Total word count multiplied by the per-word rate for the selected service. Invoices are sent out through Paypal.

Q. What format should the manuscript be sent in? What happens to the file afterward?

A. Manuscripts should be sent in MS Word files (I have MS Word 2013). I use the track changes function in Word to show edits. All manuscripts are for my working purpose only and are considered confidential. No documents will be released, shared or discussed with third parties. They are filed for reference to assist the authors with any questions about my work.

Q. Are you a published author?

A. Yes. I’m a published journalist, primarily as a features writer, and was a columnist for each of the papers I worked for. My poetry has been published in several anthologies, as well as in literary magazines, and I contributed to the G10 Writers group anthologies (see the books page of this website). I’m currently working on my first novel for publication.

Additional questions can be directed to hdaniellecrabtree (at) gmail (dot) com

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