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Fire Wolf

Fire Wolf (Fire & Reign book one)

Since the fall of the royal house, the four kingdoms have been divided and at war, leaving many without food, shelter, or the medicine needed to treat the fever sickness plaguing the kingdom of Nordlin. However, with her best friend’s sister’s life on the line, Lady Myah Leicht can no longer wait for the Nordlin Council to resolve the issue.
Desperate for a solution, Myah follows Lord Skye Lamar, the son of a visiting nobleman, on a raid to steal the medicine from a neighboring kingdom. The raid isn’t as simple as Skye suggested, and Myah is pursued into the Nordlin forest by an enemy soldier, a boy not much older than she is. Exhausted and defenseless, Myah is certain she is going to die at his hands—until a wolf saves her life.
Myah doesn’t think twice about the unexpected turn of events, and returns home, not realizing that her choices that day have set in motion events that not even her magic can protect her from.